Tank Troopers Launches on 3DS

Grab a tank and get ready to take on the challenge of a newly released game for Nintendo 3DS. Tank Troopers lets players choose between a variety of characters with unique abilities and unlock over 30 different tanks to use in both the single and multiplayer gameplay. The single-player mode includes 30 levels to play through and learn new strategies to take down opponents. Once players feel up to the challenge they can take everything they’ve learned in order to face friends in multiplayer combat. Go online with friends to fave them head to head, or opt to play local using download play with┬ájust one copy of the game and enjoy everything Tank Troopers has to offer.

Tank Troopers is available for download through the Nintendo eshop right now for $7.99. You can check out the character, gameplay and launch trailers for Tank Troopers down below!