Unreal Engine 4 Officially Adds Switch Support in Latest Update

Unreal Engine 4’s latest update finally adds support for Nintendo Switch development.

Epic Games is doing something for Nintendo Switch that it never bothered doing for the Wii U, making their world-class engine compatible with Nintendo’s hardware. Indeed, Epic Games has patterned with Nintendo to help make Unreal Engine 4 compatible with the Nintendo Switch, and anyone who uses Unreal Engine 4 can download the latest update and get to work on developing a title for Switch.

Update 4.15 is out now, bringing early support for developing for Nintendo’s next console. At this time, Switch support is still considered to be in the experimental phase, but that it will be in a shippable state by the next release. Putting it out early will give developers a head start on developing their games.

This is a huge win for Nintendo and the Switch, which is already struggling to get third-party support. Considering how many games utilize Unreal Engine due to its ease-of-use, and the fact its easy to port to multiple platforms, this could help convince some developers to bring their games to Switch. Sumo Digital’s Snake Pass will be the first Unreal Engine 4 project to release on the Switch.

Nintendo Switch is out March 3 worldwide.