Dirt Rally Goes Full Throttle with PS VR Support

As promised, Dirt Rally as of today, will have full PS VR support.

Dirt Rally comes fully supported in VR, meaning no short-cuts or gimmicks. There are also some key features that just can’t happen outside of VR. This is the best of Dirt in a brand new experience.

“Whether it be racing through the forests of Finland, climbing the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb course, or going bumper-to-bumper with other supercars in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, you can do it all with your PlayStation VR headset on.”

The most notable addition with VR support is the new Co-Driver Mode. As any rally fan knows, without a good co-driver, you’d be boned, and no one likes to end up flying off a cliff. Having the ability to co-drive as an option of play brings a new element to just how racing in Dirt Rally will work. Now players are getting a rally experience closer to any they’ve known before. The co-driver will be fully responsible for every action and direction the driver will need to take — making the wrong calls and being out-of-synch with the driver are not advisable.

Dirt Rally already looked good, but now it will look even better. Dirt Rally comes fully PS4 Pro optimized for any hardware upgrades players may have made. Those water effects are going to look mighty good and the dirt will have more grit than Clint Eastwood.

The last bit out of all this Dirt Rally upgrade is the added bonus of a deal happening from today until February 28, which will include the entire Dirt Rally PS VR bundle for 43.39 USD. If the game is pre-owned, the DLC will only cost 12.99 USD. For the full run down, head over to the PlayStation Blog.