Five Reasons to Hold Off Purchasing Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has usually been behind in the console races since the arrival of PlayStation and Xbox. They have always produced great products, titles and systems, but those are usually geared toward a specific audience that never really captured the majority of the population. The Nintendo Switch is going to change everything for the industry and is shaping up to be a huge hit for the company. Of course with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releasing on the same day, fans are going to be clawing at retail stores for days before launch. But with all the expected success, there are a few reasons some may want or need to wait before making the purchase.


Obviously, buying a video game console, especially one that is brand new, is going to fetch a pretty penny. Currently a Nintendo Switch will cost around $300.00 USD and while it may seem relatively cheap compared to an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, that is still a lot of money to put up. If you don’t have bills to pay or any other expenses to worry about, then great! You might as well go all out for the Switch if that’s the case. Realistically, however, many gamers will have to decided if it’s more important than feeding their family. Luckily, the price listed can be achievable. If you don’t need to pick it up right away it could be best to wait for discounts, sales and looking for other ways to save.


While pretty related to how pricing goes, bundles are a huge way to get what you want and then some. Usually during launch windows or holiday seasons, you can find listings of games bundled with consoles. It is the perfect way to get the system you wanted anyway with an extra bonus for a usually better deal. The Switch will offer several bundles at launch containing extra controllers, a few games and other goodies. Even though it would be a good deal, it may not be the right one for you. And, perhaps there is no use for what is included in the bundle. Some things could be pretty useless so why have it in the first place. Again, related to pricing, bundles cost even more money. Even if they are meant to save you in the long run, it’s still hundreds of dollars more. Perhaps something better will come along closer to Christmastime for consumers to snatch up on Black Friday and other big sale days.

Internet Connection

With everything and anything new, there is bound to be a few problems starting out. System updates, patches, connectivity issues and the like will pop up frequently. Over the course of the Switch’s launch, fans might expect a fun time but actually turns out to be a bit frustrating. Nintendo’s consoles are very well-built to run games but sometimes lack in other departments to make them more enjoyable. The eShop or online modes can often be down for maintenance (like other consoles) but random error codes often rear their ugly heads. The inclusion of paid online action is going to take some getting used to as well. It’s a new move for the company so it probably won’t be perfect. Basically, we’re sure to run into a few issues over the course of Switch’s first couple of months, it may not hinder some but it will come up.


The launch of Nintendo Switch comes alongside the release of few titles. One of course being Breath of the Wild, which will go on to become the console’s biggest hit and sell millions, but won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Splatoon 2, NBA 2K18 or even Minecraft could all be someone’s reason to purchase the console. It is unlikely someone will buy the Switch months before the game they want is going to come out. Splatoon 2 isn’t coming until summer so fans of the only that series will probably wait a few months from the Switch’s launch date. Every fan is different and if you’re willing to wait for the game you want, then that is as good a reason as any.


The primary use of Nintendo Switch will be for video games, but other features can make for a great bonus. The Wii U is great to use for Netflix, but at the moment there is no set arrival for the Switch version. Consumers wanting a little more bang for their buck will probably want to wait and hear about other applications the Switch will support. Hulu, Crunchyroll, YouTube and more are currently available for the Wii U, but maybe more will come to the console. Other services like WWE Network, Twitch, Spotify and others could possibly make a better fit for the Switch than the Wii U. Including a huge market of media and entertainment apps for the console will boost the usefulness and desirability of a Nintendo Switch.

The Switch is going to move so many units thanks to its flagship titles. There is no doubt Nintendo is going to have a successful item on their hands. It just won’t be the best choice for many fans during launch, however, and waiting a little longer might be a good idea. If there are any reasons you might wait to pick one up, leave it in the comments below.