New Airtone Trailer Brings J-Pop Music Gaming to VR

One of the fun things about VR is seeing how familiar genres adapt to the new tech.  Music/rhythm games seem a natural fit, but they’ve been lagging behind a wave of arena shooters and other, more experimental games.  Airtone VR may not be the first music game on the horizon but it’s certainly not jousting for space in an overcrowded genre.  The new trailer showcases a full song from start to finish, with the player flying down a tube with notes on the sides, moving his arms to hit the beats as they stream by.  A yellow note is a strong hit, green is lighter, and pink trails need to be traced their entire length.  The player in the video performs a perfect run, so it’s a bit hard to say what counts as a non-Perfect move, but watching the variance in the note placement doesn’t make keeping the 309-hit chain alive look easy.  Airtone VR is coming out sometime in spring 2017, infusing hyper-colorful musical J-pop action directly into your retinas.