NIS America Working with Nintendo to Bring Culdcept Revolt Stateside

Tonight during NIS America’s Press Event, the company announced that they would be working with Nintendo to bring Culdcept Revolt to North America and Europe. The game is a 3DS exclusive and is a card-battler in the vein of Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic the Gathering mixed with a bit of Monopoly. Boasting over 400 unique cards and multiple deck-building strategies, players can discover the story of Culdcept with a Quest mode or practice with decks in Solo Match.

Once strategies are mastered, challenge friends and strangers with up to four-player Local Play or Online Play to discover new strategies, climb the leaderboards, and enjoy unpredictable matchups.

The game will be released in Summer 2017. Check out the first trailer, screenshots and box art below: