Resogun 4K and HDR Support is Available Now

Developer Housemarque has finally released 4K and HDR support for Resogun.

Resogun was one of the best titles brand new PS4 owners could download on launch day. The game’s flashy effects and impressive physics were a brilliant showcase of the power of the PS4, and the game was really fun. Now, owners of PS4 Pro, and any PS4 owner with an HDR compatible TV, will have a whole new way to enjoy Resogun.

As promised, Housemarque has released a new update for Resogun that finally adds 4K and HDR support . In order to enjoy the experience in 4K, you will need to have a PS4 Pro. HDR, however, is available on every single PS4 unit. All you’ll need is an HDR compatible TV. The update also comes with some vfx additions and bug fixes.

Resogun is available now on PS4. The game is also available on PS3 and PS Vita, but this update will obviously not be releasing for these platforms.