Week 5 Day 3 NA LCS Spring Split Predictions

Other than Cloud9’s loss I’m pretty happy with how yesterday turned out. C9, for whatever reason, thought Rumble was going to work for them right after out-performing it the game before. Regardless as to whether Impact is a Rumble player or not that was an abysmal performance. On the other side though we had EnVy picking up their second win of the split against Echo Fox to finish 1-1 on the week. Here’s the rankings going into the final day:

1)  Cloud9 (8-1)

2) Team SoloMid  (7-2)

3) FlyQuest (6-3)

4) Phoenix1 (5-4)

5) Echo Fox, Immortals, Counter Logic Gaming (4-5)

8) Team Dignitas (4-6)

9) Team Liquid (2-7)

10)  Team EnVy  (2-8)


Today we have a great match to start things off with FlyQuest taking on TSM. These two haven’t played each other yet and won’t again until the last week of the season. With the randomness of FlyQuest’s pick and ban phase I’m taking TSM here. You never know what FlyQuest is going to pull out and that makes me uneasy. Regardless, if everything goes normal I still think TSM has the better solo lanes and jungle coordination to win it. If the games go late,however, it’s a completely different story.

Simultaneously, we have IMT and Echo Fox facing each other. Echo Fox dropped their match yesterday to EnVy in what I would consider some average length games. The games lasted 34 & 40 minutes and Echo Fox never managed to get a true gold lead. At one point they spiked a little bit on the chart, but it was immediately overtaken. What does that have to do with anything? Well, Echo Fox is a team that needs to get out to an early lead right now, because they lack the late game decision making to mount a good comeback.

In past splits they would draw games out until about 50 minutes, win a fight and end. Now they don’t have that luck. If Echo wants to win this one they have to win early. While they may be able to beat IMT in a late game fight history has shown this split that that option isn’t really there for them anymore.

Following the first set we get to see Meteos take on his former team Cloud9. Up until this week Meteos was the substitute jungler for the team behind LCS rookie Contractz and rightfully so. Contractz has been playing lights out and definitely a large part as to why C9 is having a great split. So to help out another team and most importantly a former starter C9 traded Meteos to P1 and he’s so far 1-0 on the split. I think we all know how this one is going to turn out, but  it will be interesting to see how P1 does with a new jungler against the top team. How well can they adapt to a new member.

Lastly, is TL vs CLG. After their loss yesterday Liquid looked pretty dejected. They went three games against Dig and their new coach Cop, but couldn’t pull it out. I think TL might be tilted going into today so CLG should take this one. On the off chance that TL is alright this could make for an interesting match up as well. Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day three in bold: (22-14)

  • FlyQuest vs Team SoloMid (1-2)
  • Immortals vs Echo Fox (2-1)
  • Phoenix1 vs Cloud9 (1-2)
  • Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming (1-2)