Blizzard Hinting at the Next Overwatch Character?

The next character to join the Overwatch roster might be starting to peek her head around the corner, as Blizzard posted an “interview” with a new face on Tuesday.

Her name is Efi Oladele, and in the interview with Atlas News, the fictional news organization in the Overwatch lore, she revealed a few important things about herself. For one, she’s 11 years old. It would certainly be odd to have an 11-year-old kid running around the battlefield and straight up getting murdered by a bunch of adults, so maybe she won’t be playable, but it’s being speculated that she may use robots and drones to fight for her. That’s the other thing — she’s a robotics and AI genius. She talks in the interview about how she has always wanted to make robots to help people, and how she has gotten some grant money to work on a “secret” project. Speculate away.

After the release of the original game Blizzard has released two characters, Ana and Sombra, and each came out two to three months apart. It’s been almost three months since the arrival of Sombra, so it’s about time for a new character. Fans have long been speculating that the next character would be Doomfist, a legend in the Overwatch lore and one of the most developed little sub-stories. When Terry Crews visited the Blizzard offices, people lost it when he mentioned voicing the Doomfist, but Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan noted soon after that the next playable character “is not who you think it is,” squelching any hope the speculators had.

Stay tuned for more on Efi and what she might be up to. Once Blizzard starts their reveal cycles, it tends to pick up fast. And let us know what you think about Efi and what might become of her character in the comments below.