Celebrate Pokémon Day Next Week

Just because 2016 was Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, doesn’t mean every year can’t be special. Pokémon Day falls on February 27, the birthday of the Red and Green versons’ original Japanese launch date for Game Boy. A whole bunch of goodies are set for the festivities and is sure to be a good time for fans!

Pokémon GO players are actively trying to fill their Johto region Pokédex and they may come across a special Pikachu. Encountering a wild Pikachu from February 27 to March 6 will be wearing a party hat as part of the celebration. It will also get to keep it forever, similar to the Christmas hat Pikachu. Pokémon Trading Card Game Online will offer bonus Trainer Tokens as well as other rewards. Show off some new Sun and Moon cards while going head-to-head in online matches! Pokémon Shuffle is also getting in on the action with promotions to celebrate both Pokémon Day and its own two year anniversary.

Pokémon Day also marks the release of a brand new line of figures for your collection. Gallery Figures depict beautifully crafted Pokémon performing some of their signature techniques. Mew, Pikachu, Magikarp and Eevee are part of the first set. These are only available via the Pokémon Center, so get ready to catch them next week! Also new for the big day is the arrival of Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Magearna. The latest film will be available through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Video.

There are tons of other fun events to come for Pokémon Day, so check them all out here! The celebration will be in full swing soon so make all the Pokémaniacs you know are prepared!