Daymare: 1998 Looks to Recreate 1990s Survival Horror

Invader Studios recently started a Kickstarter campaign that soon reached five hundred backers. This campaign is for a game called Daymare: 1998. It will be a third person survival horror game that will play similar to the games of that genre from the late 1990s. Franchises such as Silent Hill, Dino Crisis and Resident Evil that used fixed camera angles are the influences for Daymare: 1998. Invader Studios has mentioned that producers from that era, K. Aoyama (Director of Resident Evil 3) and S. Nakai (enemy designer of the Resident Evil saga) are lending their support for this title. They have also announced console versions to be released.

“Following the brilliant start of the Kickstarter campaign of Daymare: 1998, we are extremely grateful to all the people that put their trust in us and are supporting us in an unbelievable way, we received unexpected support that allows us to put the console version in to the initial goal. This make us happy to address the many fans who asked us for a PS4/Xbox One version in the initial hours of the Kickstarter campaign.”

In a recent press release, the fixed camera angles were announced alongside the console announcement. The link to the Kickstarter can be found here. On the site, you can watch a video from Invader Studios that will show off some gameplay. This is the team that was behind the fan remake of Resident Evil 2. The financial goal of just over $190,000 needs to be met by Friday, March 17. If you are a fan of the original Resident Evil games, Daymare: 1998 would surely be worth backing. Invader Studios have a strong love and passion for the original games and it shows in the video on the Kickstarter site.