More Characters Added to Funko’s Second Wave of Overwatch Pop!s

Last month during the London Toy Fair, Funko revealed six figures as part of Overwatch’s wave two. Now, hot off the heels of the New York Toy Fair, a few more have been included with the set!

All of the new announcements will be exclusive to specific retailers. McCree is dressed in his Summer Games skin and will be available at GameStop. Mei, in a mid-attack pose, can be found in Hot Topic stores. Posh Tracer swaps out her traditional orange for a new look an can be bought through ThinkGeek. D.Va and her MEKA measure six inches and are given a black paint job which is only available through Blizzard Gear. A Titanium Pharah has also been listed as being a Blizzard Gear exclusive.  Then, another super sized figure is Reinhardt without his helmet which can be found at Best Buy.

All figures from this announcement as well as the London Toy Fair linked above are set to appear in locations this April. Take a look at the images below for a closer look at some of your favorite Overwatch characters.