The Elder Scrolls Online Housing Update Hits Consoles with New Trailer

It’s time to collect all the stuff and actually do something with it now that the free Elder Scrolls Homestead expansion is available on consoles! It’s been available on PC for a bit and it features 39 customizables areas that you can call your own.

Homestead brings player housing to Elder Scrolls Online with many options for purchasing and decorating. You can use in-game gold or real money crowns to purchase an unfurnished home or for a bit more something already decorated. The game features over 2000 unique furnishings ranging from comfy beds to ferocious pets. Nearly all of the placeable items and npcs can be found in the world or crafted so it should offer players plenty to do leading up to this summer’s Morrowind expansion. Hit the jump to see a detailed list of improvements for the console version and be sure to check out the trailer if you want the relatively short and sweet.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a buy to play massively multiplayer title for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.