Free Xbox Games With Gold for March Revealed

The free games for the month of March for Gold Membership subscribers on Xbox One and Xbox 360 have been revealed.

Layers of Fear will be available on Xbox One for the entire month, Evolve: Ultimate Edition will be available to download on March 15 through April 16, Borderlands 2 will be made available on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 for the first half of the month and Heavy Weapon will be available for the second half on both consoles.

We rated Layers of Fear a three out of five, noting that it’s not the next best horror game, but it does have some interesting elements. As for Evolve, while a good proof of concept, it doesn’t exactly stand on its own.

Not much has to be said about Borderlands 2, as it is probably Gearbox Software’s biggest title, but to read more about it, you can check out our review. For Heavy Weapon, Hardcore Gamer chose not to review it back in 2009, but it seems to have been received mildly well from various outlets, with a Metacritic score of 65/100.

You can still pick up Lovers in a Dangerous SpaceTime and Project Cars on Xbox One and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on Xbox 360 for the remainder of the month.