Horizon: Zero Dawn Flexes World Building Muscles

With less than a week to go till the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn, getting as much content out of this game as possible is just fine. Sony is pushing hard, and why not, with such fantastic review scores floating around and fans chomping at the bit, one more video never hurts.

The latest video to come from HZD is short and sweet, getting personal with the developers in the making of their big, beautiful open-world game. The inspiration from nature documentaries and Planet Earth, if not obvious before, is made clear. It’s just a documentary where Earth has fallen into ruin, and what is technology?

Guerrilla Games also goes on to explain the amount of work that went into giving characters more life with facial animations and dialog in general. A whopping fifteen hours of dialog is in this game, so it was important to them to make sure that the characters were engaging, without being lifeless.

Check out everything Guerrilla Games has too say in the video below: