Large Dragon Blaze Update Adds New Titans, Modes

Dragon Blaze continues to push forward with new updates almost every week. For the week of February 19, we have one of the biggest patches in a long while. Not only do we get a slew of new Titans to obtain, but there’s a new mode to play, along with an additional section of the Chapter 4 map becoming accessible.

Firstly are the two new heroes to obtain. It has been a long time since we received a male deity (not counting the Dark Souls Askr), but this update comes with a pair of them. While the first Titan batch saw a Rogue and Priest character, the second is a Mage and Archer. Firey Prometheus is the¬†frightening looking mage who should do wonders in World Boss and Guild Adventure modes. Just by looking at his abilities, he’s very much a self-absorbed individual, buffing his own attacks and being a jerk to everyone he hits by blocking buffs and healing. Even his passive skills strengthen this statement, by increasing his own INT and ATK Speed while doing additional damage to Bosses. With that said, Morgana and Gaia aren’t particularly great for World Bosses, so his usefulness right now is very limited.

The Archer is Bombing Hyperion, and he’s quite different from your traditional DPS character. For starters, he using normal attacks, Hyperion has a bullet guage that increases his own DEX and ATK Speed. By doing this,m he will inflict additional damage and¬†add or remove different effects to the surrounding party. His passive skills indicate he is one that can take a beating like a tank, boosting his Defense and Stamina greatly, while obtaining immunity when health becomes too low. It should be interesting to see how players use Hyperion as he seems to be aimed a little more towards PvP.

A few weeks ago we received the Nightmare mode that resets on Wednesday, fueling even more PvP content, but the latest update aims more towards PvE. The Mysterious Exploration mode is a section of the Honor Gorge where players will send their unused allies on adventures. You won’t be able to use allies that are assigned in your Fortress, but anyone else who’s sitting idly by cam be sent to find goodies. This will net you chests similar to Nightmare Mode’s random rewards depending if your team is successful on their journey. Be warned though, this will take twenty hours to complete each time, so pick and choose your heroes accordingly. You don’t want to be stuck without your preferred team in World Boss, Arena, Revenge of Belphegor, and so forth.

The story of Chapter 4 is continuing forward as the playable character follows the Titan Atlas into the heart of battle. Not only does this increase the level cap to 105, but this also opens up a brand new location within the fourth chapter. After completing these dungeons, players will unlock a raid called Noah’s, putting players up against what looks like a demonic Ent golem. Noah’s will drop 105 leveled gear, being slightly better than the U equipment found in Chapter 3’s Liberated Ragnarok. If you already have a full set of Ultimated U gear, Noah’s might not be for you as it’s only slightly better, but if you have made it this far without gearing everyone up, it’s probably best to grind this raid.

There has also been a few UI changes. For example, the main UI will now be able to disappear (or hide) whenever idle. The formation menu has also removed the Information tab, saving a couple extra seconds when wanting to organize your team better. More importantly, you’ll be able to save a party specifically for each mode, ensuring that you don’t have to go back and forth in the main menu before going into multiple modes.

Dragon Blaze is available right now for iOS and Android devices.