Rock Out with Screenshots of Splatoon 2’s Newest Stage

Splatoon is known for some of its cool locations to duke it out over during Turf War. Now, Splatoon 2 is shaping up to contain some unique stages in which to continue flinging ink around. Today, Diadema Ampitheater has been announced for the game.

At this stage, Inklings can put on the performance of a lifetime and fulfill dreams of becoming pop icons like the Squid Sisters or rock stars such as the Squid Squad. There are flat stage surfaces with many ramps which will make Rollers feel right at home. Speakers and other equipment serve as useful barriers to try and ambush your opponents. It also has elevated walkways to jump down from when you’re ready for action.

The Japanese name for the stage is Diadema after the genus name for various species of tropical sea urchins. Names for other regions have not yet been released. Diadema Ampitheater joins the Reef and Musselforge Fitness as part of the rotation for some splatastic fun in Splatoon 2.