Collector’s Cabinet: Overwatch and Destiny Hardcover Journal and Artbook

There’s nothing quite like owning physical goods, but they can be expensive and shelf space can come at a premium. Every month, Hardcore Gamer picks a premium collectible from our cavernous swag vaults and tells you whether it’s worth a spot in your Collector’s Cabinet.

The video game business is massive. We know this because not only do triple A games make millions of dollars upon launch, but they also come with a cavalcade of merchandise in the form of clothing, figures, fast food tie-ins and so much more. While many gamers ignore the peripheral goods, it can still be enjoyable to pick up a trinket or two from your favorite franchise. Overwatch and Destiny are both two popular online-focused games with rabid fanbases. It only makes sense that both have products of all kinds available for purchase. One of the more unexpected items available are books from Insight Editions.

Insight Editions are known for goods such as coloring books, stationery sets, journals, artbooks and sketchbooks based off popular films, TV shows, comics and video game properties. For example, much of their upcoming product line is based around Harry Potter. They’re delving in deep with both Destiny and Overwatch in the only way they know how — with journals and sketchbooks for fans. Insight Editions shared copies of both books with us so we can gauge how much sense they do or do not make for gamers and game merchandise collectors out there.

First, let’s look over the Overwatch journal. This hardcover book comes with 192 archival lined pages and also includes a pocket in the back cover. It measures in at 8 ½” x 5 ½”. Basically, it’s about the size of a standard paperback book. The cover itself appears to be covered in faux black leather with the Overwatch symbol emblazoned upon the front. A strap on the right side helps to keep the book closed when not being written in. On the back, the Overwatch logo has been stamped into the cover. When it comes to the contents, well, it’s basically what you would expect from any other journal. There are nearly 200 pages for journalers to write in.

Next up is the Destiny: Rise of Iron-themed sketchbook. There are again 192 archival paper pages – this time they’re completely blank – housed within a hardcover exterior.The front cover is embellished with a gold foil Rise of Iron emblem while the back features a smaller Iron Banner emblem.  Both sides also include that faux leather look and feel, this time with tree and suit of armor iconography “carved” into them. Unlike the Overwatch journal, this sketchbook is larger to accommodate artists. It measures in at a little over 10” x 7”. It also features a pocket in the back inside cover as well as a strap to keep it closed.

Both the journal and sketchbook offer more purpose than other trinkets such as gaming-themed bobbleheads or figurines. With that said, it seems unlikely that gamers will pick up either book based on Insight Editions’ suggestions for their use which include jotting down Overwatch strategies or creating Destiny-themed artwork. Really, it makes more sense that fans of Destiny or Overwatch will simply enjoy the look of the journal and sketchbook and will indeed buy due to brand recognition before using them in completely unique ways. Maybe they’ll be utilized to journal about everyday life in college or provide initial concept art for a new indie game.

There’s obviously not a need to pick up a journal or sketchbook with a brand name recognition all over it. But there’s also nothing wrong with someone opting for one of these books because they look nicer than a non-branded book. The biggest differentiatiator may simply be cost of them compared to their more blasé cousins. The Overwatch hardback journal costs a suggested retail price of $18.95 US ($25.95 Canadian) while the larger Destiny: Rise of Iron hardcover sketch book is $22.95 US ($32.00 Canadian). Players keen on owning either should keep an eye out next month as both books are set to release on March 7.

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