A Pixel Story Makes its Way to Console

It’s been a few years now since A Pixel Story was released for PC, but the award winning Indie title is finally coming home to consoles where it belongs. It is modeled after the classic console games gamers grew up with, after all.

A Pixel Story is available for both PS4 and Xbox as of today, and when is it not worth it, to pick up an award-winning game? Taking players through four distinctly recognizable generations within six sprawling free-form zones, A Pixel Story is built on nostalgia. A Pixel Story takes players from the beginning days of console gaming, through modern AAA platformers with visual backdrops and pop-culture references too match. The take-away being, this is a game made for those who love games.

Anyone who has played a platformer will immediately feel comfortable sitting down with A Pixel Story, and for the low price of 11.99 USD, why not give it a go? Watch the trailer for ones own enjoyment.