Fast RMX on Switch Will Release Launch Day

Following on from news earlier today that Nintendo’s new 2D puzzler Snipperclips will be available at launch, third-party developer Shin’en Multimedia have today announced the Switch version of their acclaimed futuristic racer Fast Racing Neo — called Fast RMX here — will also be launch on release day, March 3, alongside the Switch console itself.

Fast RMX sees a number of visual improvements over what was already a technically impressive title on Nintendo’s previous hardware; the developer confirming that Fast RMX will run at 1080p/60FPS as opposed to Neo’s previous 720p resolution. What’s more, further graphics and gameplay settings will be also available to the player such as the ability to toggle elements like HDR exposure and chromatic aberration, as well as custom button mapping for the console’s numerous peripherals. The game can even be played with a single Joy-Con.

Couple that with an improved multiplayer — that covers both local and online play with up to 8 players this time — and it’s clear Shin’en have not simply ported their title over to help fill in the space. Though the game will again only be available through the Nintendo eShop, the pricing is a fairly respectable at $20 in the States.