Halo Wars 2 DLC Teased, Major Patch Incoming

Developer 343 industries and Creative Assembly are fresh off the release of their real time strategy game Halo Wars 2, but that doesn’t mean they are slowing down in support of the game according to a post from 343’s community manager Brian Jarrard.

“Just because the game has launched doesn’t mean the work is done,” said Jarrard. “In fact, very far from it, as the Creative Assembly and 343 teams are hard at work on upcoming patches as well as future downloadable content.”

This downloadable content is expected to be scheduled the third Wednesday of every month for Season Pass holders which kicks off this week with the release of a brand new leader, Kinsano. Future leaders and new campaign missions as part of “Operation: Spearbreaker” will be coming in the months ahead.

343 Industries also detailed a patch set to go live next week for Windows 10 users that promises to include a number of “significant” tweaks and bug fixes.

In our review we said with Halo Wars 2, “Creative Assembly and 343 Industries have successfully resurrected the series.” Halo Wars 2 is out now on Xbox One and Windows 10.