SuperHot VR Forever Gets a Release Date and New Gameplay Modes

SuperHot VR is still one of the best games available for the new medium, turning the player into an unstoppable killer with lightning reflexes and a deadly versatility with weapons.  No bullets left?  Throw the gun.  No guns?  Fling an ashtray.  With time being an ally and the slow-motion perception of its passing meaning you’re actually moving at a hypersonic speed, anything you can throw is as lethal as the plentiful guns found in each area.  It was also, despite a good number of scenarios, pretty short, or maybe it just felt that way because it was hard to stop playing.  SuperHot VR Forever is aiming to help that issue by adding a good-sized pile of modes to the game, letting you replay the levels with different challenges.  Headshot-only, faster enemies, no guns, a time trial, and more put your hyperspeed goon-shattering skills through a heavy workout, making you approach each level with different limitations.  The expansion is only two weeks away, launching March 7 for Oculus Rift and its Touch controllers.