Screenshot Saturday Featuring Doko Roko, Shape of the World, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is the perfect thing for an off day, filled with new and returning games showing off what’s happened over the week.  This feature pulls out a dozen (or so, sometimes more) images, plus a bonus, but there are literally hundreds more left behind.  There’s an endless parade of games in development, and if there’s never enough time to play them all then at least we can give them a look and discover something that might otherwise have passed by.  Most images are animated nowadays, though, because the far-flung future of 2017 is filled with miracles and marvels, so don’t pass by a shot without giving it a chance to work its magic by way of all those blue arrows.

Octahedron- When you’ve got an octohedron for a head it opens up all kinds of possibilities in life.  The concept “out of reach” carries no meaning when you can create your own platforms in mid-air, although it’s tough on the lightbulb supply when they turn into glowing flowers.

Unnamed-  Take a submarine into a deep-dive exploration of 3D fractals.  While there’s very little information about the game beyond that brief description, does there really need to be much more?

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe-  Short, subversive game about a giant robot jumping from planet to planet trying to be a hero.  While the thing that it will be is intentionally left undefined, what it looks like is a something where two giant behemoths stomp around planets fighting.  Seeing as one Jettomero’s main goals is to subvert expectations, it seems likely that’s not the point of the game.

WatermHELLon-  Avoid-’em-up where you’re being inundated with watermelons, score is based on time survived, and the only defense is a limited number of bombs plus a generous slow motion meter.  It may not be the most serious gaming concept ever devised, but there are some nice patterns being spewed out by the hyperactive melon emitter in the arena center.  Available free at

Infinity Track- Very early in development runner without much information beyond “ooh, shiny!” behind it.  While its hard to say anything else, there’s no question the developer has nailed the Colorful part of the game down cold.

Doko Roko-  A little guy with a giant sword fights through a roguelike castle.  The blade in this image is actually one of the smaller ones, because keeping size reasonable isn’t a concern when there’s no arms to hold it and the sword passes through the floor.

Ripped Pants at Work-  Not that anyone ever dreams about losing pants at work.  Fight that anxiety with sneaky stealth, ducking into cubicles to avoid co-workers and grabbing the last pair of pants from the store next door before anyone sees you.  There’s only the one level, and it can be beaten in a few minutes, but there’s a cute full-sized stealth game that could easily hang off this concept.

Pr. Squidhulu-  VR squid simulator.  It’s another game with only a bit of info, but you’re a squid in VR, complete with tentacular control.  I wasn’t expecting VR to peak so early.

Furious Angels-  Sci-fi shooter with endless waves increasing in intensity until they’ve finally killed you dead.  Each day the waves are randomized for all users, and the leaderboard fight for top spot should be fierce.

Cuit- Pronounced “kit”, as in circuit.  Which is probably obvious from the diagram above.  Figure out how to manipulate the junctions and electrical paths to guide the power to the target while not setting off any explosives.  The simple, clean presentation leaves plenty of room for devious wiring.

Pepper Grinder-  A small girl (Pepper) with a big drill (the Grinder) makes her way through a subterranean platforming adventure.  If Nintendo won’t do another Drill Dozer then somebody’s got to pick that idea up and run with it.

Shape of the World-  Go for a walk and see the world grow and take shape around you, comprised of glowing plants, particle bugs, and even the occasional speed boost for the areas you’ve been to already.  It’s about the joy of exploration in a world where beauty is everywhere.

Astral Traveler-  Race down the path and don’t explode.  That’s pretty much all there is about this game so far, but with a style like that it’s plenty for now.

Bonus Image

Unnamed-  I have no idea but it’s got bears with jetpacks.  If that’s the enemy then we’re all f***ed.