Farpoint, PlayStation VR Aim Controller Coming in May

Sony has confirmed the release date for their VR shooter, Farpoint, and their PlayStation VR Aim Controller.

Farpoint and the PlayStation VR Aim Controller were first announced at E3 2016. A FPS VR title, Farpoint is set to bring more traditional AAA shooting to the VR by giving players full access to move and strafe in a game world. In fact, we were so impressed with the title and Aim Controller at E3 that we dubbed it a potential killer app for PlayStation VR. Today, we now know when both are coming out.

Taking to Twitter, PlayStation confirmed that both Farpoint and the Aim Controller will hit store shelves May 16:

In Farpoint, you play as a member of a scientific expedition that crash lands on a deadly planet. Separated from your team, you’ll need to explore and discover the planet’s deadly secrets to get off alive. The game can also be played with a Dualshock 4, but you will need a PlayStation VR no matter what.

Speaking of PlayStation VR, Sony revealed that they’ve sold nearly 1 million PlayStation VR units so far. If reviews are good, Farpoint should be another excellent addition to the platform’s growing library.