Dungeon Link Season 3 Comes to a Close

Coming up to its two-year anniversary, the popular free-to-play strategic line-drawing RPG, Dungeon Link, has received a sizable update. This patch concludes the third season of content, and it sends things off with a bang.

Firstly, the Unsealed Ruins has been unleashed upon the players, allowing them to delve deeper into the mystery behind the relationship of Elina and Prometheia. Along with this, both new heroes have been added, and existing ones revamped. This includes Maya the Blind Priestess, Danny the Twister, Chloe the Alchemist Girl and Aerie the Valkyrie. The improved heroes have increased stats and new illustrations.

Finally, anyone with unwanted heroes can use them in the new Story Hero Retire function, which will grant special currency called Spirit Stones that can be used to summon Legendary Heroes. These summons come in the form of 5 or 6 Star Heroes.

Dungeon Link is available right now for iOS and Android devices.