I Am Jack’s Beat Cop Release Date

Reeealy stretching for that headline, there. Beat Cop is a 80’s inspired police sim where players take control of a disgraced police officer, Jack, as he attempts to complete his menial job of issuing tickets while clearing his name of a murder that he didn’t commit. I got a good look at this one last year¬†and found the concept and play to be interesting. There was also enough there that I am surprised that it’s taken this long to get a release date. Fortunately, we now have one: March 30.

Coinciding with this announcement is the reveal of a free expansion, Beat Cat. I…can’t figure out what this is supposed to be from the trailer shown below. My guess is that it displays nonsense on the screen for a beloved cat to chase, just in case the monitor is in need of fresh scratches and nose smears. If so, then this mode is included in any 8-bit, or 8-bit-inspired, game. Fellow writer Chris can attest to the kitty allure that is Shovel Knight. Based on the name, it could also be a Rock Band inspired rhythm mode for the flogging of felines, which would just be a gamification of what is done around here to the soundtrack of Yoshi’s Wooly World. With that, please send my Digression Award courtesy of the Hardcore Gamer home office.

(Seriously, though. Keep an eye on Beat Cop. It looks fun.)