See the Nintendo Switch’s Portability in Pictures from Aspen, Colorado

It has been well advertised that the Nintendo Switch can be played wherever and whenever! From parties to airplanes and everything else, the Switch is gearing up to be a huge new way to play. This is why Nintendo held a recent hands-on event all the way up in Aspen, Colorado for their Switch and Play tour.

Those who visited the chilly locale took a break from the slopes to hit up some video games. The Snowmass Ski Resort hosted demo gameplay for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well as 1-2-Switch. Fans and newcomers of Nintendo sat in a comfortable living room setting right in the middle of the snowy mountains. This simulation is a great way to promote how mobile and versatile the Switch console will be. If it can be played high above sea level, there may be no limits! Check out the photos below to see all the action for yourself.

The Switch and Play tour makes one more stop on the console’s launch date. Madison Square Park in New York City will have the same event on March 3. While you’re in town checking it out, you may want to pick up a Switch at Nintendo World while browsing the store. Switch up your plans for the day and make it all things Nintendo.