Chucklefish confirms Pocket Rumble for the Nintendo Switch

Chucklefish has announced that it will be releasing Pocket Rumble as a Nintendo Switch exclusive in addition to it’s planned release on PC. The game’s pixelated art style resonates with the bygone era of the Neo-Geo.

Pocket Rumble is available through Steam Early Access, and with gameplay footage it seems pretty close to launch.

The new trailer for Pocket Rumble doesn’t go in depth on the game, but the Steam page includes some more in-depth information:

  • The game has a two-button control system, which will work well with the Switch controls.
  • All characters have 12 hit points, and all hits deal one damage.
  • In Arcade mode, there are other options such as training, versus with local matches against friends or the CPU, or the career mode, a fictional fighting tournament.

As noted in the trailer, the game is set to launch in March alongside the Switch.