EA & DICE Detail Upcoming Battlefield 1 Expansion Packs

As previously covered, Battlefield 1 will of course be getting post-release DLC by way of a series of expansion packs that start with the first in a series of four — previously unveiled as “They Shall Not Pass” (releasing next month) that’s set around the French armies during the battles of Verdun, Fort de Vaux and even a tank-based assault on the river Aisne. Now EA & DICE have officially announced the focus of the three remaining packs that will follow suit later in the year. All upcoming packs will feature new maps, weapons and elite classes.

“In the Name of the Tsar”, the second of the four packs, will see the focus shifting East to the Russian Army with the debut of snow-covered maps in the form of the treacherous Lupkow Pass. “Turning Tides”, the first amphibious-focused content finds players fighting in the Ottoman-British fought Gallipoli offensive. Finally, the rather-ominously titled “Apocalypse” sees players pitted in probably one of the most gruesome moments during the entire war: the battle for the most significantly tiniest plots of ground in what is described as a battle born out of “desperation and deadlock”. Though there’s no specifics as to which maps or indeed which armies are the focal point for this pack, the “over the top” wording and hints at more melee-focused combat could see matches moving away from the convention of firearms for this particular content.

As always, players who’ve already purchased the Premium Pass will get a two week early access to each expansion pack. What’s more, players on either Xbox or PC will be able to take part in a free trial period that runs from March 3 through to March 5; Xbox owners gaining access to the full base single-player/multi-player modes while PC players will be limited to 10 hours of play in multiplayer across two maps. Battlefield 1 is out now for PS4, Xbox One & PC.