Metroidvania Game Dandara Coming to Switch This Summer

Brazilian developers Long Hat House had two big announcements to make today concerning their upcoming gravity-bending metroidvania game, Dandara. The first is that Raw Fury Games would be helping out in publishing the game, adding it to their already impressive roster of indie titles. The other news is that the game would now be heading to the Nintendo Switch as one of their latest Nindies, due out this Summer. Considering that the game was designed with both PC and touchscreen controls in mind, it definitely seems like a perfect fit for the console.

Accompanying these announcements is a new trailer for the game, which you can check out below. Set in an abstract sci-fi world and inspired by the legend of the Brazilian heroine of the same name, Dandara plays on the idea of a directionless world in more ways than one by having the player switch their gravity to jump from surface to surface. It looks quite impressive, and the Switch version is set to have exclusive features, so those of you picking up one of the consoles should keep Dandara in mind when it comes out later this year.