Survios Announces new VR title Sprint Vector

Survios has revealed Sprint Vector, their next VR project that features an innovative new locomotion system.

Survios is always looking at ways to innovate with VR. They did it with Raw Data and are hoping to find similar success with their latest game, Sprint Vector. Sprint Vector is an adrenaline platformer that features a brand new fluid locomotion system developed from the ground-up that allows for a new level of immersion.

“Survios is always creating unique solutions to tackle VR’s biggest challenges,” explained James Iliff, Survios’ Chief Creative Officer and co-founder. “With Sprint Vector, we’ve taken one of the biggest challenges in VR right now—realistic motion—and created a smooth, intelligent locomotion system that not only feels comfortable, but can also read the player’s intentions.”

Sprint Vector pits players against one another in adrenaline-filled races across a range of zany courses. Players will race downhill, scale skyscraper-height walls and dive off of towers with the goal of beating their opponents. The locomotion system utilizes simple, realistic running and climbing motions to simulate the feeling of moving at superhuman speed.

Sprint Vector has only been confirmed for the HTC Vive so far. For those attending GDC 2017, Sprint Vector will be playable at the Survios booth in the South Hall.