Zoink Games Debut Flipping Death for Nintendo Switch

If there’s one thing that you can definitely say about Swedish developers Zoink Games, it’s that they never make anything that’s dull. Between their humorous fare such as Stick It to The Man! and Zombie Vikings, and their more experimental fare such us the upcoming Fe, they always know how to deliver some unique titles. And announced today for the Nintendo Switch, their latest game Flipping Death falls firmly into the former category. A puzzle-platformer described as spiritual successor to SItTM with the same kind of art style (and even boasting what appears to be a cameo, as seen in the trailer below), Flipping Death will be making its debut on the Switch later in 2017.

Placing players into the role of Penny, a recently deceased woman inheriting the powers of the Grim Reaper, Flipping Death sees you assisting various ghosts in the Otherside by flipping over to the side of the living and possessing humans, solving their problems while uncovering the mystery behind Fae’s death as well. Zoink have teamed up with acclaimed writer Ryan North again to help craft the game’s world, and so far it looks like quite a hilarious romp indeed. Flipping Death will be headed to other platforms as well later on, so keep an eye out for it later this year.