The Escapists 2 Shows Off just what Prison Life is All About for PS4

Prison life is not the most ideal life, which is way trying to escape isn’t the worst possible thing. Living out one’s prison escape dreams has never been easier with The Escapists 2 arriving on PS4 sometime in the near future.

Besides looking like the most adorable prison in the world, The Escapists 2 will offer a slew of other fun things to do, which kind of makes leaving prison hard. Not that it will impede on one’s master escape plan, but when you can throw down some jams with fellow inmates in the band, build-up the crew that will bring the plan all together it’s hard to say goodbye.

Other than the fun-silly things to do in prison, like looking good with all the different styles and accessories inmates can sport, it is about getting out after all. Which means, foiling prison-rivals escape plans, or competing against friends to see who is the biggest criminal master mind. The Escapists 2 will feature full multiplayer accessibility, whether online with friends or sitting down for some full four-person local co-op. Everyone has a job to do, and it’s up to you-n-crew to make sure getting out, goes as smoothly as possible.

Stay tuned, a release date should be just around the corner, see full details on the PlayStation Blog.