Catch up on Toukiden 2 in Latest Promo Trailer

Monster Hunter enthusiast may find this one looks a bit familiar. Toukiden takes a sort of more action-RPG sort of take on what has consistently been a working Monster Hunter formula. For the most part, Toukiden 2 is opting to take in a larger sort of appeal. For starters, the game is open-world, but people can at least explore it with friends. Slaying can be a flashy experience with Mitama allowing players to use the souls of fallen heroes to empower themselves against giant Oni. Something we sure would like to see more of is cross-play: Toukiden 2 takes advantage of the PlayStation’s cross-platform tech to ensure people who prefer it on a Vita can still make that work without jarring limitations.

See a promotional trailer for Toukiden 2 below and get to know the game. Toukiden 2 is out for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on March 27 – with a demo available for download on PSN.