Latest Dragon Blaze Update Adds New Gigantes and Features

On Tuesday, Dragon Blaze received yet another significant update just a week after the last, and this one comes with large additions.

For starters, the two new Titan heroes introduced, Prometheus and Hyperion, both receive their Gigantes key counterparts. Prometheus might be the most appealing as his stackable buffs towards ATK and INT, along with debuffs do wonders, in World Bosses and potentially Guild Adventure. That’s not to mention his 85% boost of boss damage when at Ultimate form. To obtain Gigantes Prometheus, players will need Prometheus, Awakened Turq and Fryderyk at Ultimate status.

The second Gigantes, Hyperion, is very different. Despite being an Archer DPS, he’s meant to take a beating. It’s all based on a specific gauge that will help boost his attack power. Because of this, Hyperion doesn’t necessarily attack normally but instead will decrease skill cooldowns when the gauge is fully charged. This monstrous Gigantes can be obtained by having heroes Hyperion, Bloodwind and Tinuvian all at Ultimate enhance.

Arguably the biggest and most important addition to this update is the Shrine of Shabelle. Shabelle is a somewhat forgotten about hero, especially when it comes to Mercedes or Blackaria, but she now has her own little store. This store will cycle not items but buffs that can be applied for four hours at a time. The most notable buffs are 50% essence acquisition through normal dungeons from 11 am to 3 pm (PST) alongside double raid essence.

Fortress Cards have also been added to… well, the Fortress mode. These cards cost ten coins each and will grant you both offensive and defensive abilities to your fortress, be it periodically healing your party to maybe stunning opposing attackers. This should liven up the routine of fighting against other players.

Finally, there’s a revamped attendance rewards system, giving both regular users a Deity or 5 SSS ally summons at 28 log-in days for a month. For new and returning players, you will obtain this feature much faster, in seven days to be exact.

Dragon Blaze is available right now for iOS and Android devices.