NA LCS Week 6 Day 1 Predictions

Well ladies and gentleman, after a two week break the LCS is back and boy should today be an interesting one. Before we get into the why here’s the rankings going into day one:

1)  Cloud9, Team SoloMid  (8-2)

3) FlyQuest, Phoenix1 (6-4)

5)  Immortals, Counter Logic Gaming (5-5)

7) Team Dignitas, Echo Fox (4-6)

9) Team Liquid, Team EnVy  (2-8)

As you can see we left off last week with Cloud9 dropping two straight and the return of Meteos leading Phoenix1 to a 2-0 week. Not only that, but remember when I mentioned that Team Liquid looked really really down after losing. Well mainly I was talking about Goldenglue and well now he’s on the bench. The best part is today we get to expand on both of those stories with Phoenix1 taking the stage and Liquid with their new mid laner, spoiler it’s Piglet.

The first match of the day is Immortals and TL and I really really feel like IMT should win this one. Call me a chump, but I believe in Pobelter and his lackluster play this split. I also believe that while Piglet is a World Champion that doesn’t mean he can just transfer to mid lane and be top tier. What’s concerning is that even after tryouts Piglet wound up mid and the team has Link on their roster. Is he the real deal in the mid lane? Like I said I don’t think he’s going to be that amazing, but we’ll find out.

Here’s the kicker, replacing Piglet in the bot lane is Youngbin… who used to be the mid laner for Team Liquid Academy. It’s crazy, just down right crazy in the TL house right now. With all of that shakeup happening and two players in positions they aren’t usually playing; yeah I’m giving this match to IMT. On the likely chance that I’m wrong and TL win you can find me doing an exaggerated eye roll and saying “wooooow.”

After that we have CLG facing off against Dark Meteos and Phoenix1. According to the staring lineups on Lolesports Meteos is still in the starting jungler role with Inori likely still being out and dealing with whatever familial issue he had. It’s either that or after his 2-0 performance Phoenix1 is going to ride this horse as long as they can. Whether we see Meteos or Inori I still think they’ll be able to take down CLG. CLG have had a lot of time to get things together so we could definitely be in store for something new, but assuming that things are as we left off this should be a win for Phoenix1.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day one in bold: (25-11)

  • Immortals vs Team Liquid (2-0)
  • Phoenix1 vs Counter Logic Gaming (2-1)