Quick Fix for the JoyCon Desync Issue

Last night, like a great many others, we got home and fired up the Nintendo Switch for the first time. The setup itself is easy enough – just plug cables into the dock, and either play the Switch in tablet mode outside of the dock or use the included non-charging JoyCon grip to play things on the TV. Getting Nintendo ID info is easy enough thanks to a pen and paper nearby with that info stored, and the interface is super-snappy. Unfortunately, one issue crept up that we’d been dreading since early reports brought it up – JoyCons randomly desyncing. Getting home at 3AM didn’t leave me me with much time to work on the issue – but getting up with a clear head allowed me to just start experimenting with things a bit.

The console itself noted that the left JoyCon wasn’t synced up and offered a variety of button pressing-related solutions. None of these worked, so I just decided to plug both JoyCons into the device and rest it on the dock. After all, if I can’t play a game on it, what’s the point? Just let the thing charge up and it should be fine. Surprisingly, just latching the left JoyCon into the tablet worked just fine. I was able to get the sync light to show up instantly when using the actual sync button did nothing at all. This was a huge relief and allowed me to finally enjoy the console I spent weeks wanting and endured long lines to enjoy. Before you go back to the store you bought it at, just try this out and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then give Nintendo’s customer support line for your country of choice a jingle – I’m sure they’ll have a solution or two that should work.