Spike Chunsoft Announces Fire Pro Wrestling World With Debut Trailer

Rumors have been swirling about a new Fire Pro Wrestling game ever since a trailer showed DDT wrestlers in a familiar Fire Pro Wrestling grapple pose. Today the rumors were confirmed as Spike Chunsoft released the debut trailer for Fire Pro Wrestling World on PS4 and for the first time ever in the franchise, the PC as well via Steam. It appears to be following in the tradition of Returns and will feature 2D characters, but with higher-resolution assets.

The game will be coming to Steam early access in the second quarter of 2017, which is quite promising. The page showcases a variety of modes and creation tools and of course it being on PC makes it a dream game for the modding community as well. Fire Pro is one of the most legendary franchises in gaming and this is exciting news and with the rebirth of New Japan over the past few years, the timing is right for a Japan-centric wrestling game to get a worldwide release.