Five Nintendo Cartridges You Do Want to Lick

The Nintendo Switch just launched and folks are excited not to play the games, but to actually lick them. That’s right, owners have waited months and spent hundreds of dollars just to get a literal taste of the games. Nintendo has purposely made them taste terrible by coating them with a non-toxic bittering agent called Denatonium Benzoate, to keep the objects from young children who may accidentally avoid ingesting them. We are not sure who found out firsthand about this feature but it has certainly turned the launch into a lunch. We’ve compiled a list of Nintendo cartridges throughout the decades that could actually taste pretty good.

Duck Hunt (Nintendo Entertainment System)

We start out with a classic. Duck Hunt was a hit back at release in 1984 and 1985. It took advantage of a new feature which incorporated the NES Zapper to actually shoot targets on the screen. After hitting a flying duck you can prepare a wondrous feast for very special occasions. Roasted duck is always lovely during the holidays. Search around for orange duck recipes to give your taste buds a tangy twist. Your mouth will instantly salivate as you prepare your Duck Hunt-themed cuisine.

Tastes like: gun powder and dog drool glazed with our signature sauce.

BurgerTime Deluxe (Game Boy)

Another classic, BurgerTime, received a pretty fun makeover when it was transported to the Game Boy under BurgerTime Deluxe. It features brand new levels with gameplay very close to the original arcade version. This time around, you may find BurgerTime Deluxe at flea markets or collector shops but it has aged like McDonald’s Happy Meal. It features lively sausages that will dance their way straight into your waiting gullet. Feel them wiggle down your throat until completely satisfied. But the name of the game is BurgerTime, so you still need to stack those patties on top of one another for a very meaty mess. Give it a lick to enjoy such a juicy, beefy, savory game that fits perfectly between two buns.

Tastes like: pocket lint and mad cow marinated and ready to serve.

Out to Lunch (Super Nintendo)

Platforming games was a huge genre back in the day with standouts like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog. There were also a whole host of cute and simple titles such as Out to Lunch. You play the role of a French chef collecting ingredients throughout every level. Indulge all your senses in this tasty treat as you explore the globe to enjoy all kinds of international dishes. Spices from Mexico, rich Swiss chocolates and more add a bountiful amount of flavor for your palate to experience. One lick of this cartridge and your tongue is transported to cuisines from around the globe.

Tastes like: stale buffet and moldy basement dressed in a garlic herb blend.

M&M’s Blast (Game Boy Advance)

Say what you will about candy but they definitely deserve a place on the food pyramid. M&M’s Blast took the board game design and Mario Party inspiration to create a sweet treat for fans. It certainly isn’t the greatest game out there nor is it even the best M&M’s game, but it sure would taste good. The Mars, Incorporated candy pieces have been around for decades and show no sign of slowing down. They are meant to melt in your mouth which is why this cartridge, although a bit old now, will have you wanting more. It is the perfect dessert cartridge to enjoy at the end of your meals.

Taste like: gingivitis and red dye 40 in decadent bitesized pieces.

Cooking Mama (Nintendo DS)

Yes, of course we need to include Cooking Mama on a list full of foods. She debuted on the DS with fun mini games and an extensive library of recipes for even the most amateur chefs to try. Numerous sequels have kept her cooking up a storm as well. Give it a lick and you’ll taste everything her dishes have to offer. Prepare a meal for everyone with your new skills. Browse through endless eBay listings and Craigslist lots to find more cartridges for your meals. You can surely whip up something in the kitchen to add as a side dish or appetizer for Cooking Mama.

Tastes like: acrylamide and salmonella sizzled to perfection.

This is just a teaser of the amount of delicious cartridges you can enjoy. If there is something out there you feel would make an exquisite dish or meal, please post it below. While some games may seem tasty on the outside make sure to eat them with caution!