NA LCS Week 6 Day 2 Predictions

Oh what a way to start back up after the break. I may have missed both, but it’s good to see that Piglet might have some skill in the mid lane. We also have some more news on the P1 jungle situation. Nothing crazy, but if Meteos can pull out a win today maybe it’ll make P1 think about who to start. Anyway, here’s the rankings going into day two:

1)  Cloud9, Team SoloMid  (8-2)

3) FlyQuest (6-4)

4) Phoenix1, Counter Logic Gaming (6-5)

6)  Immortals (5-6)

7) Team Dignitas, Echo Fox (4-6)

9) Team Liquid (3-8)

10) Team EnVy  (2-8)


The first matches of the day are Echo Fox vs C9 and FlyQuest vs EnVy. The last time we saw C9 they not only lost their first match of the split, but lost both that week. It was bound to happen and more than likely took a lot of pressure of the team, so hopefully they can stay on that track without all of the hype. The TSM series for them was interesting because right after neutralizing a Rumble top they decided to take that matchup themselves and boy did it go bad. TSM picked on Impact the whole game and made him incredibly useless.

If C9 stick to putting Impact on tanks and keep him and Jensen safe they should continue their spree. Echo Fox have been too up and down to think they could pull this one out. This match is more dependent on what C9 will show up. Will they try to run carry tops or will they keep Impact on tanks like Shen. The dive/save utility that Shen adds has been incredibly valuable for them so far.

At the same time we have FlyQuest returning against Team EnVy who are at the bottom. This is another match that is seems pretty straightforward. While EnVy have had a lot of time to work together and get things going they’ve likely not made the strides to take down the third place team in the league. While anything can happen EnVy before was a team that could break out into an early game lead and then would collapse after 30 minutes. Against FlyQuest if you can’t play the late game you’re done. Comeback wins is Hai’s specialty.

For the second set of matches we have TSM vs CLG and P1 vs Dignitas. CLG took down P1 yesterday, but now they have a different beast ahead of them. TSM have been getting better week after week and finding themselves after the departure of Doublelift. Hauntzer has proved that he’s one of the best top laners in NA even amongst the swathe of imports we have in that lane. With him seemingly only getting better and becoming Bjergsen’s compliment they should be able to take today rather convincingly. I always expect teams to drop one, especially considering we’re just after the break, so I’m giving CLG a game; but TSM aren’t likely to lose their form with some practice time.

For me this is the most interesting match of the day and it has nothing to do with P1. Dignitas have righted their ship it seems after making Cop the head coach. They took down FlyQuest last week and followed it up with a win against Team Liquid. With only more time to get used to their new ways I’m anticipating them coming back into discussions about being a top team. With the talent they have it should happen. I’m expecting them to take down P1 in a good long series.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day two in bold: (25-13)

  • Echo Fox vs Cloud9 (0-2)
  •  FlyQuest vs Team EnVy (2-1)
  • Team SoloMid vs Counter Logic Gaming (2-1)
  • Phoenix1 vs Team Dignitas (1-2)