NA LCS Week 6 Day 3 Predictions

It’s been good week for some League of Legends and we’re in to the final day. Now that everyone’s played a match we’re more or less familiar with where they are after the break and the standings should see a good shakeup. Here’s the rankings going into day three:

1)  Cloud9, Team SoloMid  (9-2)

3) FlyQuest (7-4)

4) Phoenix1 (7-5)

5) Counter Logic Gaming  (6-6)

6)  Immortals (5-6)

7) Team Dignitas, Echo Fox (4-7)

9) Team Liquid (3-8)

10) Team EnVy  (2-9)

Unfortunately for Team Dignitas they could’t pick up the win yesterday. Now they have to deal with TSM who had a strong showing against CLG. The first game ran a little long, but the second was pretty straightforward. For Dig this is a chance to see how’d they fare against a proven top of the table team. They fell pretty hard yesterday against P1 in game three. Keane was on the wrong end of a snowball lane and wasn’t effective all game. For TSM this is a game to continue the groove they found in game two. Should still be a good one all around.

Echo Fox get to take on the new look Liquid with Piglet in the mid lane. It’ll be interesting to see how Midlet fares against Froggen who did pretty well against Jensen today. The Echo Fox series was much like the TSM series, but they weren’t TSM here. They forced a pretty long game one and, after giving up a big lead, drew the game out and might have had a chance. Game two, however, was pretty straightforward for C9 and Echo Fox lost.

Lucky for Echo Fox, Liquid isn’t C9 and should be able to make this a match. While Piglet worked out in the mid lane their bot lane was rough. Youngbin received the Fabbbyyy treatment and had to play an adc that could sit back and provide utility to be effective. They won with him playing Jhin and Varus, who both happen to be the strongest options right now. If Echo Fox and target that lane and Froggen can beat the new Piglet this could be a great series for them. That being said I’m sticking with Liquid. I believe in Piglet! #thenewfaker

The biggest match of the week is C9 and their second match against FlyQuest. The first time around they produced a great series and today should be the same. As we all know this could go either way, but I’m taking C9 here. I just honestly believe that C9 is better in every lane and can stay with FlyQuest if the game goes late. The teams know each other incredibly well so regardless this should be a great time. Now the caveat here is that we never know what FlyQuest is going to pull out, they played Mordekaiser bot today.

Lastly, we have IMT and EnVy and this should be another good match. Looking at the FlyQuest match the one constant thing is that LiRa had a great 3 games. Okay, his last game he went 0/1, but adjusting to the troll pick was rough. Minus that he probably could have repeated his game one performance on Kha’Zix. Trusting in him I think EnVy have a shot at taking down IMT. Pobelter is still struggling in lane and Ninja should be able to hang with him if not win lane. Seraph vs Flame will be a good match, but LiRa should be able to tip the scale there. Bot lane isn’t too important so long as you don’t feed another lane. Seriously anything can happen in bot lane and it has no bearing on the game as a whole. With that in mind I’m going with EnVy in the hopes that they can turn their split around.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into day the final day in bold: (28-14)

  • Team Dignitas vs Team SoloMid (1-2)
  • Echo Fox vs Team Liquid (1-2)
  • Cloud9 vs FlyQuest (2-1)
  • Immortals vs Team EnVy (1-2)