Screenshot Saturday Featuring Venineth, Ruin of the Reckless, Many More

Every week is a new Screenshot Saturday, filled with the images and animations displaying the progress from a huge amount of games. Some are just showing up for the very fist time anywhere, while others are another image of a long road to completion.  This feature pulls a dozen from the mix, plus a bonus image, as a small cross-section of what’s available in the giant outpouring of talent.  Seeing as most images are actually screens or short videos, though, don’t neglect to click on each in turn to give it a chance to shine.

As a note to regular readers, this is the last one for a month or so seeing as PAX East is next week.  Screenshot Saturday the hashtag isn’t going anywhere but the feature takes a break to get caught up on as much of the show as possible.  Keep an eye out for the middle to end of April for its return, and in the meantime there’s always the unfiltered cascade over at Twitter to leaf through.

JASEM- Which stands for “Just Another Shooter With Electronic Music” and desperately needs a rename, or at least an acronym reset. It’s fast and the low-poly missile trails look great, though, so maybe it can overcome its self-deprecating title.

Cube Snake- A fusion between the classic Snake game and a platform/puzzler. The snake can move in 3D, stacking its cubes to reach higher areas, so in addition to pushing blocks to activate switches you also need to figure out when to get the food that makes the snake longer to reach the higher areas. And avoid the lasers, of course. Snakes hate lasers.

Chocolate Pants the Unicorn- Roguelike from the “Well there’s something you don’t see every day!” school of game design. Here we see a turtle facing off against a flaming donut monster, and there’s probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for the encounter.

Venineth- This is what happens when a pinball breaks free from its bumper-lined prison and goes out into the universe. If space is filled with puzzle-platformers in a sci-fi book cover style maybe it’s worth busting up a few machines to see what else might happen.

X-Morph Defense- Shooter/tower defense game with some nicely damaging weapons. It’s a common issue in gaming that “defense” means “massive collateral damage beyond anything then invaders would have inflicted”. See also Earth Defense Force.

Plasma Puncher- Microscopic brawler where a dreadlocked white blood cell heals his host body by beating the living enzymes out of the invading bacteria.  Air combos, careful moves, and silly hats all work to give the game an irrepressible cartoon energy.

Lucifer’s Mask- VR runner/platformer of some sort, looking super-colorful but unfortunately with a busted web site at the moment so there’s not much more than that to know. A devil runs and flies through an orangey/purple world, switching between first and third-person view when and as necessary.

Ruin of the Reckless- Action roguelike that’s usually focused on melee fighting, but sometimes a rain of lightning decimation is needed. The main character is a shaven-headed kid with a shock of black hair, but everyone knows for true overwhelming power you want curly pink hair instead.

The First Tree- A fox goes on a mission to find her missing family, tracking them through a wonderfully scenic wilderness. The fox’s story runs parallel to a human couple going through a difficult time, details of which are left intentionally vague. The whole adventure is slated to run maybe two hours, so it’s probably best for the narrative to be a little mysterious going in.

Guinea Pig Parkour- Some animals are lithe and graceful, while others aren’t cut out for that kind of acrobatic movement style. For not quite having the physique, the little guy manages to flop his way around with as much grace as he can muster.

Unnamed-  Honestly, I don’t think there’s a game associated with these designs, but it gets a rare hand-wave through by the sheer overhwhelming power of awesomeness.

Fragments of Euclid-  Expanded version of Non-Euclidean Room, but still a game about poking around in the output of Escher’s brain.  It’s maybe a little too maze-y in places, but not incredibly long and the sketch filter does a nice job of reinforcing the feel of walking through a woodcut.

Bonus Image

Fluffy Horde-  Not every moment needs to be one where everything is spiraling out of control.  Sometimes you can just hang around, listen to a bit of music, and enjoy being in a kingdom above the clouds.  It probably won’t last long but it’s good to soak up the peace while it lasts.