SpellForce 3 Gets Small PvP Teaser

If a fantasy themed RTS is anyone’s style these days, they may have heard of SpellForce – a series of real-time strategy and RPG hybrid games. Now under THQ Nordic and Grimlore Games, SpellForce 3 is a prequel to its predecessors, playing into events in the world of Eo leading up to the destructive events of the Convocation ritual. It could serve as a little change of pace for strategy fans looking for an otherworldly RTS that sports its own little twist to the genre. With the Diablo-style sort of RPG element in the mix, players can find themselves developing a singular hero on top of the RTS combat, and even spend over thirty hours with the game’s campaign.

See a quick PvP teaser of the game below. SpellForce 3 is due out sometime this year for PC.