Funcom Details Conan Exiles Content Roadmap

Open-world multiplayer survival games are all the rage now. DayZ kicked off the trend years ago, and various developers have put their stamp on the genre. The latest is Conan Exiles. Developed by Funcom and set in the sprawling Conan universe, Exiles puts players in the shoes of a warrior saved by Conan and must now survive the elements, build a home and dominate other players. The game is available on Steam Early Access right now and Funcom arrived at GDC 2017 to reveal their roadmap for the near future.

First off, Conan Exiles has been doing well. Nearly half a million copies were sold during its first 30 days on sale and grossed $1 million within the first sixty minutes of release. All of this success will be funneled back into the game with Funcom investing an additional $5-$10 million to see Conan Exiles through Early Access. Fans can expect three different types of updates: regular patches, game updates and major releases.

Regular patches will launch every 1-2 weeks with numerous fixes and improvements. Game updates are more significant and come with new features and content. Major releases include launching new biomes, platforms and the eventual full release. The goal is to reach full launch by Q1 2018.

Until launch, players will be regularly getting new content throughout the year. This includes siege warfare, which adds sieges towers, trebuchets, avatar defense and corpse lockers. All of this will give players a new way to dominate their enemies and also makes impressive use of the dynamic destruction. Now, you may not wish you knocked down your enemy’s walls when the Purge update arrives. This adds NPC armies that attack the strongest of the player cities, and are usually populated by familiar Conan characters.

Players will be able to tame and capture mounts in the Mount update. Horses, camels, rhinoceros, and even elephants can all be tamed to carry gear and ridden. Riding on horses will allow players to participate in mounted combat.

Sorcery is a big part of the Conan universe, and it will make its way to Conan Exiles, but it will cost players. Sorcery is a trait of evil, and the player character will have to travel to the evil places of the world and absorb corruption. This will lower stats, but grant the ability to cast powerful magic.

Then there’s the Settlement System. This adds city life, barracks, farming, and trading to your town. It’ll also introduce highly customizable thralls. You’ll be able to put them to work and give them a schedule. You can program thralls to light candles at a particular time in the morning, and snuff them out in the evening. You can set a thrall to blow a warhorn at the sight of an enemy. There’s going to be a lot of interesting things players can do with their city once this update rolls around.

Finally, there’s the new Highland Biome. Currently, Conan Exiles only offers a desert world to run around in, but that all changes with this major release. The Highland Biome adds snowy mountains, grassy plains, and frozen water. There’ll be new creatures, storylines, gods, and characters to discover. Regarding gameplay, this new biome will introduce a temperature system where players will need to monitor their temperature to ensure they don’t freeze to death.

Conan Exiles is doing very well so far and Funcom is set to make sure the rest of the year goes smoothly. There’s going to be plenty of new content to keep players interested, and there will be an influx of new players soon. Conan Exiles is set to launch on Xbox One via the Game Preview program sometime in Q3 2017. Unfortunately, we did not get to see any footage from the Xbox One version of the game.

Conan Exiles is slated to fully launch Q1 2018 on Xbox One and PC as well as PS4.