GOG Spring Sale Boasts Tons of Huge Deals

If you didn’t need a bigger backlog than you probably have, there’s some good news: Good Old Games, better known as GOG.com, is having a spring sale and it’s huge.

The typical summer and winter sales of Steam are fondly looked forward to, with making gamers splurge on games they may have had their eye on, but GOG has managed to beat Valve to the punch.

Some titles like Darkest Dungeon are half off, and the normally $49.99 Witcher 3 is now 40% off. If you haven’t played the Witcher 3 (you should), there’s plenty of other games, both from generations past like Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines.

This sale may have gone under the radar, but if you’re in the market for finding something new – take advantage of the GOG sale until they change their minds.