LawBreakers Announces Closed Beta

Cliff Blezinski and his team at Boss Key Productions on Monday announced that there will be a closed Beta for their competitive first person shooter, LawBreakers, running over the March 16-19 weekend.

In a video released on Monday, Blezinski and the studio’s communications manager, Rohan Rivas gave their audience a few details about what they’ve been working on. New guns, characters, maps, and more were the big topics.

Check that out down below:

Attendees of this weekend’s PAX East in Boston will be the first public audience able to play the Beta build, with all the new features and characters put in. They will be having a panel at the show as well, where they’ll be talking about how and why they made all the changes they did in the transition from Alpha to Beta.

You can sign up for the upcoming Beta here. Lawbreakers has no official release date, but it seems Boss Key is taking their time to make sure they’ve got everything in the places they want them.