Nintendo Switch’s UK Launch Well Below Competitors, 3DS, Wii

Nintendo Switch launched last week worldwide, and we’ve got some initial sales numbers from the United Kingdom.

While Nintendo Switch had a solid launch in the U.K., it fell well short of its competitors and past Nintendo systems. According to analysts, Nintendo Switch sold about 80,000 units at launch. A respectable number, but it puts it well behind current-gen systems, two last-gen systems, and a portable.

Most notably, Switch did manage to beat the Wii U’s launch sales, which were only 40,000 in the UK. It also managed to beat the Xbox 360s. However, it ended up behind the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 3DS, and Wii. Well-known industry analyst Daniel Ahmad compiled all launch week numbers for comparison:

Overall, it’s not a bad start for Nintendo’s console-handheld hybrid. The real test now will be maintaining a steady stream of units to retailers, and giving players enough new titles. Recall that the 3DS had a strong start in 2011, but sales slipped because Nintendo couldn’t crank out enough games quick enough. This resulted in an $80 price cut a mere six months into the handheld’s launch. Let’s hope the Switch doesn’t suffer the same fate.

Nintendo Switch is available now worldwide. Sales data for other regions has not been revealed.

Thanks, GamesIndustry!