Headup Games Announces Viking Rage

With so many established series, like Serious Sam and Killing Floor, dipping their toes into VR, there have been a few that I have been hoping to see come over. Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die has been one of them. It seems that the folks at Headup Games agree, but instead of waiting for Robot to do it, they handled it themselves. The result is Viking Rage, a VR game that merges first person action with tower defense.

In the game, the player is responsible for defending a gate from encroaching monsters, such as worgs and trolls. To aid in this defense, the player will be able to use a crossbow, some throwing axes, bombs, interchangeable elements, and a decent variety of traps. Based on the trailer, the creature designs look stylistic enough to be pleasing to the eye, all while keeping the polygon count low so as not to tax the PC more than necessary. Set to launch for the Vive on April 28, Viking Rage has my attention. In the meantime, check out the trailer below. Afterwards, maybe we can all get together to send that poor narrator some throat lozenges.