Super Galaxy Squadron Ex Upgrades to Turbo

Once upon a long time ago, when you bought a game it came as-is. That’s not quite so true any more, and Super Galaxy Squadron has changed more than most over the course of its two-year life. The Ex upgrade last February completely revamped the game with new art, audio, modes, and menus, and now the final version is available with a name change to Super Galaxy Squadron Ex Turbo.

The Turbo upgrade adds three new features to the game- new ships, a boss rush mode, and a new play mechanic. The three new ships bring the count up to seventeen total, each with its own unique firing pattern, speed and armor ratings, and secondary fire capabilities. They also all come with a slow-motion ability now, fueled by the damage inflicted by anything unlucky enough to get in the way of its guns. This new ability a limited resource but easily refilled, and especially helpful when bosses get a little generous with its bullet spray. The slow-motion also has a fairly major effect on how the game is played.

Super Galaxy Squadron Ex Turbo isn’t a bullet-hell shooter but it’s not shy with the firepower either. Your ship can take a few hits but it’s got almost no window of invulnerability, and its dropping a couple of powerups doesn’t help either. Both the main weapon and secondary gun (which auto-fire simultaneously with one button held down) power up independently, up to five times each, and it’s easy to do something dumb like steer into the heart of a bullet-cluster to retrieve the missing powerups. Slow motion, on the other hand, makes this a far less risky proposition, with the added bonus being that scraping bullets with the ship’s hit box grants a few helpful slivers of incremental healing. “Don’t get hit” is always the best advice, but free space on the screen gets a bit cramped when a boss encounter heats up.

The Turbo upgrade is a nice enhancement to what had already been a cool little indie shooter, but all that content does bring with it a price increase as well. At the moment, and through March 12, the game is remains at the old $9.99, but on March 13 the new final price of $11.99 kicks in. Other than bug fixes this is the final form of Super Galaxy Squadron, with no Super Galaxy Squadron Ex Plus Alpha Turbo Dash currently planned. Although it would be completely worth it just to see the logo.