Vermintide Sells Over 1 Million Units, Offers More Free DLC

Dark fantasy, co-op first-person action game Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide as done pretty well for itself, having sold over a million copies to this day. It’s a great milestone, and to give a little back, developer Fatshark celebrates with a free DLC: the Lorebook. Rather than a new map or playable class, the Lorebook is actually exactly what it sounds like – a book of Warhammer lore. Now for starters, the fact that Vermintide places the Lorebook in a place called Ubersreik sort of implies that there’s plenty to learn about how its world works. To be fair for the more hands-on fans out there, console versions of the game now get the Quests & Contract DLC as well. Happy with the game’s success, Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark went on to say:

“We are ecstatic to have reached the one million milestone, and are very humbled that so many have invested their time and money in our game.”

Owners of Vermintide can hop on and check out the Lore Book themselves, or, if they’re so inclined, they can go back to killing giant rats in visceral co-op fashion. The streets don’t clean themselves.